Behind the scenes - Western Gales x Golfitecture

Behind the scenes - Western Gales x Golfitecture

When we discovered Western Gales, we were instantly captivated by their innovative designs and exceptional craftsmanship and knew we had to work together.

Together, we've created a limited edition series of head covers for drivers and blade putters that merge the worlds of golf and outdoor gear. This is how we brought it to life.

Teaming up with Western Gales was a meeting of creative minds, fueled by our mutual love of design, experimental materials, and passion for golf. We connected over Zoom calls, Instagram DMs, and lengthy text messages to brainstorm and spitball ideas over what our head covers could look like. This led to sketching concepts rooted in the great outdoors, survival gear, and hiking aesthetics then asking how that inspiration would apply once pushed through the “golf filter”.

Working closely with Jason of the talented Western Gales team, we refined prototypes to materialize our vision. Our aim was to create head covers that blended the rugged functionality, durability, and style of mountaineering gear with innovative features like a zipper stash pocket.

We opted to use X-Pac®, a high-performance, lightweight, durable, and 100% waterproof laminate that's a standout feature of our head covers. Initially developed for sailcloth, X-Pac has expanded from outdoor gear to high-end fashion. This material ensures our head covers can withstand any elements on the golf course while maintaining a sleek, understated look and feel.

The outcome of our collaboration is a stunning collection showcasing our signature aesthetic, combined with Western Gales' attention to detail and craftsmanship. Both cover styles are lined with gray fleece, with the driver cover featuring an innovative zipper pocket, perfect for storing small items like tees, ball markers, or other golf accessories. The putter cover comes equipped with two large premium high-strength neodymium magnets on the enclosure.

These head covers boast a striking design, with the bold signature 22° 'X' woven into the X-Pac fabric and available in low-profile colors or eye-catching safety bright orange.

Our limited edition collaboration with Western Gales is up for grabs, but quantities are limited. Don't miss out on these one-of-a-kind head covers—shop the collection now.